Campaigning for a cycle-friendly Dorset

Campaigning for a cycle-friendly Dorset
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Hints and Tips

Tips for riding in the snow P3 of 007-1994

Gearing and speed P6 of 009-1994

Cycling complaints procedure P3 of 015-1996

How to raise a complaint with your council P3 of 020-1997

Assertive cycling P4 of 020-1997

Cycling near lorries P8 of 021-1998

Cycling on the footway P6 of 022-1998

Rules for safe cycling P14 of 024-1998

Tips for economical driving P11 of 025-1999

Child Accident Prevention Trust advice on wearing a helmet P13 of 025-1999

Useful tip for when your chain comes off P7 of 026-1999

Advice to DCN from Dorset Police when taking cycles on cars P5 of 030-2000

The law on cycle lights P14 of 030-2000

Cycling for health - benefits of cycling P22 of 030-2000

Health benefits of cycling P16 of 034-2001

Roundabouts P10 of 035-2001

Quick saddle tip P13 of 035-2001

The use of gears P15 of 035-2001

A warning about rim failure P8 of 036-2001

How to report bad driving P17 of 037-2002

Compensation for cyclists - advice from a solicitor P18 of 037-2002

Cycling in the Forest P17 of 039-2002

Some laws relating to cycling P22 of 039-2002

Tips on cycling up hills P20 of 042-2003

Choosing a bike P21 of 046-2004

How to deal with cycling critics P19 of 050-2005

Descending and climbing hills P24 of 053-2006

Cycle paths - must we use them? P6 of 057-2007

Buying a trekking (or hybrid) bike P17 of 057-2007

Bicycle theft and how to minimise it P14 of 058-2007

Excerpt from Cyclecraft - Sharing the roads P10 of 060-2008

Conclusion of Cyclecraft - Sharing the roads P20 of 061-2008

Additional cycle training with contact telephone numbers P1 of 061-2008

Excerpt from Cyclecraft - safe positioning P19 of 062-2008

Excerpt from Cyclecraft - Cycling at night and in all weathers P19 of 063-2009

Excerpt from Cyclecraft - cycling near drain covers and level crossings P19 of 064-2009

Guide to family cycling P19 of 064-2009

Cycling in Warwichshire P19 of 064-2009

Safety information to avoid left-turning lorries P3 of 066-2010

Exceptions to one-way streets for cyclists P8 of 066-2010

Advice on buying a bike P10 of 067-2010

Ways to publicise DCN P3 of 069-2011

Reporting potholes (with URL and iPhone app information) P3 of 069-201

Recycling your old bike P18 of 070-2011

Caring for your bicycle P13 of 075-2013

Cycling through Canford Bottom Roundabout P15 of 075-2013

Information on type inflation and pressures P18 of 075-2013

How to get a stolen bike back P9 of 077-2013

How to be a better cyclist P8 of 078-2014

Brakes and heavy bikes P15 of 078-2014

Reporting potholes to local councils P4 of 080-2014

Bikmo cycle insurance information P5 of 082-2015

Advice on reducing cycle theft P14 of 084-2016

Reporting road defects P10 of 085-2016

Helmets and mirrors P15 of 085-2016

Recycle your old bike - donate it to Africa P20 of 085-2016

Cyclists and horses P9 of 087-2017

Cycle training P14 of 087-2017

Overtaking distance for motor vehicles and cyclists P22 of 087-2017

Cycling safety: The Dutch Reach P9 of 088-2017

Cycle training in Poole & Bournemouth P9 of 088-2017

Overtaking cyclists P11 of 088-2017

How to be seen on the road P13 of 088-2017

Osteoarthritis and cycling P11 of 089-2017

Police website with useful advice for cyclists P3 of 090-2018

Converting a standard bike to electric-assist P8 of 090-2018

Get cashback from DCN P17 of 090-2018

Hi-Vis - to wear or not to wear? P19 of 090-2018

Safety of walkers and cyclists at junctions P22 of 090-2018

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