Campaigning for a cycle-friendly Dorset

Campaigning for a cycle-friendly Dorset
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General Interest

The ultimate cycle accessory - the Panzerfaust 3 P5 of 007-1994

The Cost of Car Use P6 of 017-1997

The Law relating to cycling on footpaths and pavements P7 of 015-1996

Legal information When cycling off-road P3 of 019-1997

Bikehod trailer P2 of 020-1997, more information at

The Issue of making helmets compulsory P4 0f 021-1998

Miscellaneous cycling facts P14 of 024-1998

DCN county and branch committees clarify roles P3 of 027-1999

Information on helmets and bells P13 of 028-1999

Article about compulsory use of helmets P13 of 031-2000

DCN philosophy P2 of 032-2000

More on helmet use P22 of 032-2000

National Bike Registry P20 of 033-2001

Slower speeds initiative P3 of 035-2001

Helmet article from the USA P13 of 035-2001

Quiet lanes initiative including suggested routes in Corfe Mullen P6 of 036-2001

Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) P17 of 042-2003

Helmets - should they be a legal requirement? P6 of 043-2003

My Swedish bike by Peggy Hovell P20 of 043-2003

More on cycling and health P20 of 045-2004

Information on CLAG - Cycling Liaison Advisory Group P5 of 048-2005

Cyclists and horses P10 of 048-2005

Cycling with a hearing loss P16 of 049-2005

Salisbury Cycling Opportunities Group (with URL) P14 of 050-2005

Cryptic crossword P18 of 050-2005

A small history of the bicycle P15 of 051-2005

Radball, Cycleball - what's that? P19 of 052-2006

Unfinished business on the End2End ride P18 of 054-2006

Finished business on the End2End ride P18 of 055-2006

Cycling and health P21 of 055-2006

Cycle training - what is Bikeability? P4 of 057-2007

Highway code updates to Rules 61 & 63 (cycle routes) P6 of 058-2007

New Highway Code with URL to online version P10 of 059-2007

Cycling books (routes in Dorset, Hampshire and New Forest; Mountain bike guide) P18 of 059-2007

Cycle training with contact telephone numbers P4 of 060-2008

Poole and Bournemouth Seafront cycling closure times and dates P1 of 061-2008

Health benefits of cycling P13 of 061-2008

Cycle training - the current situation P4 of 062-2008

Cycle parking design P17 of 062-2008

Groceries by bicycle P4 of 064-2009

National standard cycle training (Bikeability) P10 of 064-2009

From bike to trike P13 of 065-2009

BikeRegister scheme P18 of 065-2009

Cyclescheme (tax-free cycles) P19 of 065-2009

Earl's Court Cycle show 2009 report P10 of 066-2010

No sweat cycling P13 of 066-2010

DCN standard information - contacts, useful links, shops offering discounts etc. Supplemental (66a) 2010

Electric bikes P9 of 067-2010

Recycle your bike (BCHA project for donated bikes) P3 of 069-2011

Earl's Court Cycle show 2010 report P9 of 069-2011

The south east Dorset green infrastructure strategy P10 of 069-2011

Brompton world championships 2010 P16 of 069-2011

Dorset Wildlife Trust 42toDo challenge P17 of 069-2011

DCN standard information - contacts, useful links, shops offering discounts etc. Supplemental (69a) 2011

The draft Local Transport Plan (TLP) P3 of 070-2011

DCN and the Dorset Wildlife Trust (42toDo) P4 of 070-2011

Cycle mirrors P22 of 070-2011

Strategy and summary URLs for LTP3 P1 of 071-2011

LTP3 rport P3 of 071-2011

AGM 2011 report P6 of 071-2011

Double Brompton P19 of 071-2011

Cycle Training in Dorset URL P11 of 072-2012

Trondheim Cycle Lift P17 of 072-2012

"Why Some People Do Not Cycle" with Report URL P18 of 072-2012

"Cyclists Can Help The Economy" with Report URL P19 of 072-2012

Cycling and health P8 of 073-2012

Osteoarthritis and cycling P9 of 073-2012

Cycling and horses P10 of 073-2012

Cycling and helmets P16 of 073-2012

Cycle safety through lower speeds P16 of 073-2012

"A to B" magazine free download and URL P6 of 074-2012

Highway Code for cyclists P9 of 074-2012

URL for reporting road problems P13 of 074-2012

CTC/Cyclenation/Bristol Cycling Campain Autumn Confernece 2012 P4 of 075-2013

The fall of Lance Armstrong P7 of 075-2013

Free Sheffield Stands P17 of 075-2013

Highway Code for cyclists P18 of 075-2013

MPs look into cycle safety P1 of 076-2013

20mph speed limits P11 of 076-2013

Why a trike? P13 of 076-2013

Why an electric bike? P14 of 076-2013

Code of conduct for shared paths P14 of 076-2013

Highway Code for cyclists P22 of 076-2013

Businesscycle - encouraging staff to commute by bike P23 of 076-2013

Danish study showing cycling can make us smarter P23 of 076-2013

AGM report P3 of 077-2013

Introduction to Tom Gaze, Poole's Cycling & Walking Officer P4 of 077-2013

All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group report P7 of 077-2013

Test day with the Transport Research Laboratory P15 of 077-2013

The first cycle race P19 of 077-2013

Lorry safety device for cyclists P22 of 077-2013

Cyclists' legal obligations when involved in an accident P16 of 078-2014

What is the CTC? P16 of 078-2014

Benefits and risks of cycling P20 of 078-2014

Local authority plans P6 of 079-2014

Can we learn from New York? P11 of 079-2014

Why buy an electric bike P15 of 080-2014

Why buy an electric bike, part two P16 of 081-2015

Space for Cycling P1 of 81-2015

Road design P6 of 81-2015

Cycling on the footway P13 of 81-2015

On tandems P15 of 082-2015

DCN subscriptions explained P22 of 082-2015

My bespoke bike P20 of 083-2015

Cycle and lorries - how to reduce fatalities P7 of 084-2016

URL to answers for bike-related legal matters P10 of 084-2016

CTC membership discount for DCN members P20 of 084-2016

The role of the DCN chairman P7 of 085-2016

Electric bike which does not need recharging P3 of 086-2016

DCN Annual General Meeting report P15 of 086-2016

“Cycling for Amputees” P22 of 086-2016

Information about DCN affiliated membership P10 of 087-2017

Health benefits of cycling P10 of 087-2017

E-bikes encourage cycling P11 of 087-2017

New system for the DCN committee P13 of 087-2017

Pedal-powered school bus service in France P19 of 087-2017

NEC Cycle Show September 2016 P20 of 087-2017

Air-bag cycle helmet P20 of 087-2017

Liaison with Dorset County Council P4 of 088-2017

What it takes to get more people on bikes P19 of 088-2017

Books on cycling P13 of 089-2017

Cycling reduces stress P14 of 089-2017

“Passing too close” Police scheme starts in Dorset P16 of 089-2017

Membership records - Data Protection Act P19 of 089-2017

Cycling insurance P20 of 090-2018

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