Campaigning for a cycle-friendly Dorset

Campaigning for a cycle-friendly Dorset
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Foreign Travel

Cherbourg P9 of 017-1997

Orkney Part 1 (I think it counts as "foreign") P5/6 0f 021-1998

Orkney Part 2 P8 of 022-1998

Florida P9 of 024-1998

Ten top tips for touring P13 of 027-1999

Bordeaux by bike P16 of 028-1999

Snippets from Spain, Andorra, Normandy and France P19 of 029-2000

Rules when cycling in Spain P10 of 030-2000

Impressions from California P20 of 034-2001

Cycling in Holland P15 of 036-2001

Cycling in Prague P9 of 040-2002

Cycling in Cuba P17 of 041-2003

Details for Bicycle museum at Cherbourg P18 of 043-2003

Bornholm, Denmark P11 of 044-2003

A weekend in France (Valognes) P17 of 044-2003

Cycling in Australia P15 of 050-2005

A trip to France with Bikes P13 of 054-2006

Bicyles and French trains/'French CTC'/Velo V with URLs P19 of 056-2007

Cycling in Perth, Western Australia P11 of 058-2007

HfHolidays - a company offering walking and cycling holidays P9 of 060-2008

Proposed trip to China P15 of 061-2008

Cycling in Hungary, 2008 P16 of 063-2009

Poole to Peking 2008 by bike (with blog URL) P6 of 064-2009

URL to blog for Tour d'Afrique P16 of 065-2009

Cycling in the Netherlands P8 of 067-2010

London-Paris cycle route with URLs P9 of 067-2010

The Amber Route - St Petersburg to Venice P4 of 069-2011

Bike tours in Paris P11 of 069-2011

Varna cycles/Georgi Georgiev P13 of 069-2011

French cycle routes P17 of 064-2009

Lille (France) cycle hire P17 of 064-2009

Canaries for Softies P19 of 070-2011

Contraflow Lanes in France P14 of 072-2012

Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona P18 of 073-2012

Cycling in Poland P19 of 074-2012

Lorenzo's European ride P8 of 078-2014

Richard Evans' world trip P7 of 079-2014

A ride in India P19 of 079-2014

Maria Leijestam cycles to the South Pole P20 of 079-2014

The Berlin Wall Cycle Trail P14 of 080-2014

Cycling in Myanmar P16 of 080-2014

Warm Showers P6 of 81-2015

Riding the Berlin Wall Trail P10 of 083-2015

Ride to Romania P3 of 085-2016

A tour of the Wine lands of South Africa P11 of 085-2016

Cycling in New South Wales P13 of 085-2016

Cycle-friendly cities P16 of 085-2016

French cyclists allowed to turn right at red lights P19 of 085-2016

The Loire by bike P22 of 085-2016

DCN goes Dutch P9 of 086-2016

European rivers P19 of 086-2016

Valognes P9 of 087-2017

Cycling around the world book information P9 of 087-2017

Cycling in San Francisco P19 of 087-2017

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